About Us

In the Summer of 2013, What Is Your WHAT? was created to help people find and share what they love to do. We believe that everyone has an inherent blueprint, something special that they are compelled to do because it’s an inherent part of who they are. What Is Your WHAT? is a place for anyone looking to find and share their WHAT with others. Consider us your own personal group of teachers, fans and peers. What Is Your WHAT? builds on the teachings of Steve Olsher’s book, What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do.

This site models the philosophy of the book, while providing an open forum for people to share their WHAT, ask questions, learn from others who already know their WHAT, and much, much more. Share your stories, pictures, videos, tools, and resources. Converse with the community in our Forum. Leverage the myriad tools and strategies available to reach your WHAT (and monetize it) quickly. It’s all here for you to discover your WHAT and start doing what you love, for the rest of your life.

You can expect to:

  • Discover your WHAT
  • Share your WHAT
  • Help others find their WHAT
  • Learn from some of the best people who have already discovered their WHAT
  • Be a part of a community of people who love what they do, and do what they love

So, why would we help people find their WHAT? It’s simple: if one person is able to become who they were born to be — and everyone has the potential and right to do so — this will inevitably impact a meaningful change on our planet, and that’s a gift to us all. Can you imagine if everyone was able to identify and pursue what they’re best at — and truly love to do — the world would be a much happier, brighter place, don’t you think? We most definitely do. That’s why we created this site.

The world is waiting for you!